Basic Urologic Abdominal Ultrasonography Hands-on training course – MMISU

Basic Urologic Abdominal Ultrasonography Hands-on training course

Thursday 18th April – 4:00 pm 6:30 pm – Bibliotheca
Basic Urologic Abdominal Ultrasonography Hands-on training
course (3 hours)
Course Director: Hans Heynemann
Course Coordinator: Ali Serdar Gozen
Aims and Objectives: Ultrasonography is a minimal invasive and painless diagnostic tool for many diseases in the urology
without any risk of radiation . It is a commonly used first step diagnostic imaging modality as it is rapid,
effective, portable and relatively inexpensive. Ultrasonography has been currently an important part of
urologists armamentarium for diagnostic and image guided therapy purposes. Urologists are performing
in the modern era more bladder, renal and scrotal ultrasound than any other specialist
This basic course is designed to provide urologists basic knowledge and basic skills necessary for performing
diagnostic urologic ultrasound of abdomen. The course is including an interactive hands on training
part under the supervision of the experienced international urologic and radiologic experts.
Course Format:

. Introduction of the course by course coordinator (5 minutes) Hans Heynemann
. Basics of physics in Ultrasound and imaging (15 mins) Mohsen Ahmad Abdel Mohsen
. Sonographic Investigation Techniques (15 mins) Hans Heynemann
. Sonographic investigation of the abdomen and retroperitoneum (15 mins) Hans Heynemann
. Sonography of the Kidneys (15 mins) Ahmed Hafez
. Abdominal sonography of the bladder and prostate (15 mins) Ali Goezen
. Radiation safety during endourologic procedures (15 mins) Yasser Noureldin
. coffee break (15 mins)
. Introduction and brief technical information about the sonography device (company employee, BK
medical) (10 mins)

B- Hands-on-training at human model (60 minutes)
. Questions and answers, tips and tricks (10 minutes)