Laser Prostatectomy course – MMISU

Laser Prostatectomy course

Thursday 18th April – 11:30 am 2:00 pm – Bibliotheca
Laser Prostatectomy course (2.5 hours)
Course Director: Enmar Habib – Lütfi Tunç
Course Coordinator: Waleed Dawood
Instructors: Lutfi Tunc, (TR) – Enmar Habeb (EG) – Ahmed Elshal (EG) – Hazem Mansy (Can) – Waleed Dawood (EG)
Course Format: Welcome speech: (5 minutes)
. Enucleation from open to endoscopic approach (10 minutes)(Enmar Habib)
. Is HOLEP gold standard technique today? (10 minutes)(Ahmed Elshal)
. Operation room setup: Essential equipments for laser enucleation (10 minutes)(Hazem Elmansy)
. Tips and tricks of HOLEP (10 minutes)(lutfi tunck)
. Hands-on training (105 minutes)
Objectives and course description: New technologies have emerged for surgical treatment of BPH aiming for more safety and less complications
compared to TURP. HOLEP is currently commonly used technique for surgical treatment of BPH that
allows enucleation of the prostate mimicking the traditional open approach but without its significant
morbidity to the patients and more safety than TURP. Also HOLEP is of particular importance in certain
situation such as patients with bleeding tendency or those who receive anticoagulant therapy. However,
HOLEP needs special training and since more centres and urologists are interested in HOLEP, training
programmes have become more important than before and playing an important role in learning HOLEP.The workshop provides an interactive hands-on training of different steps and techniques of HOLEP. The
attendees will be trained in achieving successful and safe enucleation of the prostate and how to avoid
the complications.
Hands-on training sessions will be carried out under the guidance of experienced Urologists and local
tutors who will actively guide trainees through the different training steps. Hands-on training will be
carried out using 5 training modules provided by Storz andLumenis Industrial Companies.