TURP Course

TURP Course
Date: October 27, 2020
Venue: Mostafa Kamel Military Hospital
Course Duration: 09:00 AM-12:00 PM
HALL Outpatient Hall
Course Director: Ahmed Elshal (EG)
Course Coordinator: Ahmed Mostafa (EG)

Ahmed Moussa (EG)

Ahmed Elshal (EG)

Ahmed Mostafa (EG)

Objectives and course description:
TURP is considered as the gold standard of treatment of BPH whenever surgical treatment is indicated. Safety and efficacy of TURP based on a great extent on the increasing expertise of urologic surgeons as well as the providing alternative technique and modifications that ensure the safety of the procedure and decrease the complications. Since more centers and urologists are interested in minimal invasive surgery, the number of TURP cases is increasing. In this context TURP training programs have become more important than before and playing an important role in learning TURP.
The workshop provides an interactive hands-on training of different steps and techniques of TURP. The attendees will be trained in achieving successful and safe resection and enucleation of the prostate and how to avoid the complications.
Hands-on training sessions will be carried out under the guidance of experienced Urologists and local tutors who will actively guide trainees through the different training steps. Hands-on training will be carried out using 5 training modules provided by Storz Industrial Company.